Ed2010 is a community of young magazine editors and magazine-editor wannabes who want to learn more about the industry so we can fulfill our dreams of landing top editing and writing positions in the magazine industry.

On Ed, you’ll find message boards, advice, event announcements (almost always in NYC), media company human resources contacts and salary reports. Ed also has:

Newsletter: An Ed2010 newsletter is sent out four to five times a week with magazine/media news, Ed events and whisper jobs. You can even subscribe and read past newsletters.

Internships and Whisperjobs: These are internship and job postings from magazines all over the U.S. Many are exclusive to Ed. It’s never too early to start looking into internships for next semester! Whisperjobs and Internships

Blogs: Ed’s Interns, Ed’s Girl on the Hunt, ED Speaks!

Ed’s Trust Fund: Ed’s trust fund gives unpaid magazine interns $1,000 to use for living, travel and whatever other expenses. Assuming Ed can raise the dough, there’ll be one lucky whippersnapper each fall and spring semester and two recipients in the summer. Def. apply during any internship you have! The deadline isn’t usually until later in the semester you apply for, so the fall application info. hasn’t been posted yet.

Magazine glossary: Awesome way to get acquainted with magazine positions and terms.

Helpful links: Ed’s listed a ton.

Ask Ed: Here you can ask Ed a question.

Ed on Facebook: Ed is also on Facebook. Join the group, it’s good for you!

60-minute mentors: Is there someone in the magazine industry you’d really love to meet? Keep in mind that after you graduate, you can be matched up with someone for an hour question-and-answer session in person or via phone or email. But, you can also try asking someone directly if they’ll lend advice via e-mail or over lunch if you’re in their area. Although editors are busy, they’re usually willing to spread their wisdom if they can.


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